progame-golf-signs-kws-900Pro Game UK Ltd are officially the fastest growing tee sign sponsor company based here in the UK. The company set up in 2012 and work with over 35 golf clubs providing a professional service for golf clubs that are seeking alternative ways to fund their signage requirements and increasingly clubs now want to fund their signage requirements by sponsorship acquisitions.

ProGAME are unique to any other outsourced sponsor company, due to our exclusive agreement with renowned golf sign manufacture, Ken White Signs Ltd. This harmonious relationship provides ProGAME with access to any item within KWS portfolio, which we then can offer to any golf club throughout the UK absolutely free of charge.

Our top selling product is our 'tee sign sponsorship package ' with a choice of signs from any design and material, including hardwood, aluminium, granite, eco-friendly, stone, zinc or bronze.

We then source corporate sponsorship acquisition to fund the project , with our direct email marketing approach, supported with a team of highly skilled sales staff , allows the golf club to secure their sponsorship placements within a matter of weeks.

We are notorious for bringing well-respected, high calibre of corporate sponsors to the golf club. This in turn increases the golf clubs' bottom line with additional revenues being spent in the bar, restaurant, pro shop and even bringing new golfers to the course as the sponsor's guests in many cases become new members.

"Customer satisfaction is absolutely paramount, not only in the product we deliver but also the service we provide. I'm proud to say we have 100% customer satisfaction with all our golf clubs we work with."

"When setting my company up I knew there was a bad stigma with sponsor companies, and that's why I partnered with KEN WHITE SIGNS. We can provide the best tee sign design out on the golf course for free; no other company is doing this presently as they just use their local carpenter or basic sign manufacture to produce their signs.

We also differ in the type of materials we use, we only ever working with top quality hardwoods. The chosen timbers are very durable and suitable for long term outdoor use. Yes of course it is more expensive for us to produce, but we are committed to provide quality to our partners. Other sponsor companies use softwood and finish the timber with varnishes, unfortunately you lose the atheistic feel of the wood and once the vanish begins to break down, you have a lot of upkeep in order to maintain that sign and keep it looking fresh. All our signs just require a light oil once or twice a year (depending on weather conditions) remaining in pristine condition indefinitely.'

Heidi Bohrn, Director of ProGame UK Ltd.

"it's a great partnership we have with ProGAME - we have been able to provide our services to courses who just couldn't afford our product. No matter what sign you require ProGame will fund the project. The hardwood tee sign seems to be the most popular request, but we are also designing bespoke signage for Royal Ashdown GC West course such as car park signs, directional signs and club house signage.

We delivered granite tee signs to Oake Manor GC and our Eco Friendly design sign seems to be popular for courses that want no maintenance. We just get the go ahead from ProGAME to work with the golf club and the course are in total charge of the product finish, meaning you get the signs you want and best suit your course.

As far as I know, other sponsor companies only work with one design and certainly cannot match the standard of graphics and material we use."

Ben White at Ken White Signs

The benefits working with ProGAME UK

  1. Enhance the course with Championship Standard tee signs, typically valued at £10,000 (per set).
  2. Gain the services of an outsourced marketing team to compliment your current marketing strategy.
  3. Increase revenues across all aspects of your retail proposition
  4. Utilise unused tee times during unoccupied/slower periods
  5. Beat your competition by attracting players to your course as corporate partners
  6. Invite local business Owners, Directors and Executives to host their corporate golfing based business activities at your course.

If you would like to find out more about how you can work with Pro GAME to obtain free of charge signage and local awareness then please get in touch with us.

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