We understand many golf clubs may already hold a list of prospective clients that they perceive to be strong candidates when considering tee sign sponsorship, however one major concern is the actual ability to complete on the project and many clubs fall short of the required number of sponsors. They are then faced with things like have you got the resources, time or desire to implement a professional marketing campaign in order to fulfill the task, in many cases the prospect is rather daunting and the project falls by the waste line.

We have a solution... sponsorship underwriting.

ProGAME Golf Signs specialise in corporate sponsorship acquisition, our highly skilled sales team have years of experience to complete the job quickly and in a timely fashion, while our direct marketing approach including our email marketing to local opt in business allows us to fulfill any open spaces which in turn will driving direct and additional revenues for your golf club.

We have 2 options for sponsorship underwriting:

1. New Retail Purchase Sponsorship Underwriting

This option is for Golf clubs that require new signs and are unsure they can complete on the whole project.

New signs

It's simple you book your golf sign manufacturer project through Pro GAME, we secure you the best price through Ken White Signs, far less than you would pay directly.

You then source your own sponsors, what ever you don't fulfill Pro GAME will fill in the gaps, making your job to secure the funds easier than ever before. ... It's a win win situation.

Minimise your risk, maximise on your opportunity.

How this would work for your golf club

We would ask you to provide the contact details of the sponsors you have vended and ask for a handling fee to help complete on your assignment, we then provide you back with the profit made and new tee signs. Whatever spaces are left after your pre-launch, ProGAME will fill in the gaps.

*The handling fee will cover all communications such as artwork ,proofing and amendments along with Invoicing, accounting, sales ledger, credit control, printing of the vouchers, customer services and all other admin, making your job in supplying the sponsor hassle free.

What happens if you find all sponsors

Excellent - You just got your signs cheaper! But you got the given security that we will be there if you need us!

2. Existing Signage Sponsorship Underwriting

This option is for golf clubs who already have existing signs with empty advertising space that requires filling up with sponsors.

Many golf clubs have tee sign spaces sitting empty, the idea of searching for your own sponsors sounds like an easy mission but reality is that your contacts only reach so far and existing members tend to not bring in additional revenues and new guests to your club to upsell too.

This is where it gets difficult because golf clubs find it easy to sell direct to people they know, but selling to unknown prospect is a different ball game!

ProGAME specialist in sales and marketing, each sales person is fully trained to take this proposition to market and their job is to make 200 calls a day, not one at the golf club want to commit too! We also have a unique approach to marketing and capability to email market directly to out opt in business data meaning we have an incredible success rate where other people have failed to secure the sponsors.

These fresh sponsor's we acquire will in-turn bringing guests to your golf course and you have the chance to generate revenue from these clients from food and beverage, pro shop or even convert them into members or green fee paying customers along with a rental fee from us for using your existing sign.

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